Thoma Ryse

Thoma Ryse is a French Postwar & Contemporary artist who was born in 1955. State-of-the-Arts Gallery featured Thoma Ryse’s work by four exhibitions in 2004 and 2005. Thoma Ryse’s work has been offered at auction multiple times and he accepts commission work for painting, interior artifacts and landscape sculpture in multi-media, such as painted stone and stainless […]

Tetsuo Harada

Tetsuo Harada (原田 哲男, Harada Tetsuo, born 25 August 1949, Niitsu, Niigata, Japan) is a Japanese-French artist based in France, well known for his monumental direct carving sculptures on granite and marble. In the 1990s he came to many recognition with his “Earth Weaving” theme, binding nations in fraternity with granite rings. He explored a wide universe of materials (wood, metal, bronze, resin, glass) and shapes […]

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