About Us

Leading by Samues Leung, State-of-the-Arts Consultancy is one of the key business lines of the State-of-the-Arts Gallery. We offer services in two major areas. It develops customized artwork as a commission work for our clients; it can also source project partners or art studio producers to meet our clients’ unique concepts. The range of tasks […]

Service Philosophy

Service, innovation and integrity: we at State-Of-The Arts Gallery take pride in our ability to offer our clients premium service at the highest level. Combining an innate sense of creativity with the utmost professionalism, we ensure our projects run smoothly, and remain on budget at all times and always to the greatest satisfaction to our […]

Service Approach

THE CONSULTATION & SPECIFYING PROCESS A customized approach to art selection can be easily managed and defined within the financial means of any organization. State-of-the-Arts Consultancy can help you take a project from the planning stages, selecting the artwork to placement and final installation. State-of-the-Arts Consultancy works with a variety of art distributors and local […]

Top 5 reasons our Clients hire us

1.Professional Plan of Action to guide you through the process, help you be more cost effective, reduce stress, and save money. 2.Capability to provide both design and fabrication as one-stop shop services to avoid costly mistakes with architecture/construction issues, space planning, quality issues, wrong material, size/type, and/or wrong fixing method. 3.Access to artists and designers only with […]

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