The Celestial Mountain

“The Celestial Mountain” is a 6 meter high, large-scale stainless steel landscape sculpture designed to mimic the graceful form of the SAI SHA Mountains. Meticulously polished to a mirror finish, it reflects the beauty of the surrounding sky and landscape. This sculpture allows viewers to freely enter and walk around, or simply sit and contemplate the ever-changing interplay of light, clouds, and natural beauty, merging the boundaries between art and nature. It’s an experience where one can’t see the mountain when looking at it but can only truly appreciate it while being within the mountain.

The Sculpture will be installed in Sai Sga GO PARK center point

[天・山 – 鏡影] 是一座六米高,超大型不銹鋼景觀雕塑,仿照著⻄沙優美的山脈形態設計而成,經過精心打磨鏡 面,反射出周圍天空和景色的美麗。這件雕塑讓觀眾隨意入內走動或輕鬆躺坐,沉思光線、雲彩和自然美景的永恆 變幻,將藝術與自然之間的界限融為一體。看山不見山,只緣身在此山中。

雕塑將會在四月中安裝在西沙GO PARK 中心

Samues graduated from Macquarie University, Sydney. He founded State-of-the-Arts Gallery in 2003 and started working as visual art-worker in 2009. He learnt western painting in Singapore LaSalle College of the Arts and Nanyang Academy of Fine Art in 2013. He received his Master in Fine Art with distinction from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT University) in 2016 and was the Artist in Residency in Art Chiyoda 3331 Tokyo, Japan in the same year. He gained his another Master program in Arts and Cultural Enterprises by Central Saint Martin Design College, University of Arts London in 2018. In addition, Samues has taken various certificated courses including interior design, modern art creation, modern painting in Hong Kong Arts School and Art Management & Curatorship. Currently, Samues works as Art Consultant. His projects have been implemented in public areas of real estates, commercial buildings and Government Department in Hong Kong and mainland China including five major landscape sculptures as his signature works, including the large scale of permanent art installation: “Fish-1989” for Drainage Services Department in 2019. He has worked on a new residential development project, appointed by Hong Kong Housing Authority, to design and build an architecture sculpture. This sculpture has been installed in mid of 2021 to celebrate the festive and glory of the Hong Kong film industry. For art making practices, Samues has explored how an appreciation of the beauty of Japanese aesthetics and aspects of Zen philosophy that may be used to consider ideas of impermanence in the art making process of fine art context. His practice has developed in using a number of different materials to create characterful and detailed paintings and sculptures that draw inspiration from nature as well as his personal experiences. Through his research, the Zen related concept such as Wabi-sabi and Minimalism that encapsulates the idea of redundancy and the ideology of solitude are explored and expressed in different media and contexts by exploiting various processes and materials to the fullest. Samues has exhibited in Tokyo, South Korea, Singapore, Melbourne and Hong Kong. Academy Exchange and Presentation Symposium: Seoul National University (South Korea), 2014 Art School, RMIT University, (Melbourne), 2015 Solo exhibition: Art of Impermanence in 3331 Art Chiyoda (Tokyo), 09/2016 Line on board in Arts Chiyoda Gallery (Tokyo), 10/2016, Tropical sceneries in Nishikicho Studio (Tokyo), 10/2016 Studio Open-day in Nishikicho Studio (Tokyo), 11/2016 The Art In and Out in Atelier-Mura Gallery (Tokyo) 05/2017
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